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Devany LeDrew and Stacy Foley are the teacher and therapist duo behind Cardigan Academy, the podcast. Your helpers for all things parenting, mental health, and education, they are inspired by the warm gentleness of one of their heroes, Mister Rogers. Devany and Stacy embrace the same kind, straightforward manner as they tackle topics from breaking unhealthy patterns to grief to trauma and more. They do it all with the laughter, learning, thoughtfulness, inclusion, and a whole lot of excited geeking out!

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Stacy & Devany discuss why mutual respect is the foundation for our parenting,
what it looks like, and how to implement it in your family.

Cardigan Academy gives advice on what to look for in a therapist,
where to start your search, and what to do when overwhelmed.

Mental Health Stigma

Devany & Stacy discuss mental health stigma, how it affects us as a society and as individuals, and what we can do to help. Cardigan Academy recommends the app Daylio and remembers Dr. Lorna Breen. This episode's extracurriculars are Teleparty & Cicada Safari as well as a free printable cicada observation sheet at Devany's website, Still Playing School.

Dear Cardigan Academy, How do I Handle Lying?

Stacy & Devany give advice to a parent about what to do when a child is lying. They explain what's going on developmentally as well as how to handle the behavior, connect as a family, and encourage the truth. 

Episode 0: What is Cardigan Academy?

Devany & Stacy introduce themselves, Cardigan Academy, and how they strive to help
in the areas of parenting, mental health, and education.

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