About Cardigan Academy

Led by a warm and caring therapist-teacher team, Cardigan Academy offers parenting, mental health, and education support. We offer virtual groups and classes, hold 2:1 individual help sessions, and we also have a podcast.

Cardigan Academy is based on principles. Our aim is to prevent and lessen instances of childhood trauma, to help heal existing trauma, and to help individuals and families experience harmony. We heal in community.


Here are the guiding Cardigan Academy principles in our three areas of Mental Health, Parenting, and Education:


Mental Health:

There is no shame in getting help.

Community is part of healing.

Our space together is safe, warm, kind, confidential, and healing.



We work to break unhealthy cycles from generations past.

We honor who our kids are as individuals.

We foster mutual respect in relationships within our family through continual connection, casual conversations, and collaborative solutions.



Supporting natural, organic interests is what feeds our souls.

Learning should be tailored, as much as possible, to each child’s way of learning and interests.

Play is essential.

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