Ongoing Monthly Mini-Cloups

As humans, we are wired to need one another. We are wired for community. But not just any community will do. Here at Cardigan Academy, building a community of emotionally-safe people is *very* important to us. As part of our mission, we offer monthly mini-cloups!
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* Choose the ones that are the best fit for you!
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You will be re-registered monthly but are free to cancel at any time.
If you would like to attend just one month, please reach out to us to be registered a la carte. 


Virtual, and ongoing, these mini-cloups (part class/part support group) meet monthly to cover different topics while offering support, education, and - most importantly - community. Think of it like a gym membership for your emotional health. Kind of like A.A., but for other areas of life. You’ll find topics, books, guest speakers, conversation, warmth, fun, love, laughter, and more!

Therapy 102*

Fill your mental health toolkit every month with new skills, resources, apps, and tips. The perfect community for those currently in therapy, those waiting to get in to see a therapist, and those who would like to keep doing the work after therapy. 

*while completion of the Therapy 101 Cloup is not a prerequisite, it is strongly encouraged. 2nd Wednesday of each month 7 - 8 pm ET

Parenting 102*

Refill your cup with support, resources, ideas, and tools to recharge you to be the best parent you can be for your kids! Learn and share in emotional safety with other parents - you are not alone!

*while completion of the Parenting 101 Cloup is not a prerequisite, it is strongly encouraged. 1st Wednesday of each month 7 - 8 pm ET

Life Hacks

So many of us struggle with keeping life smooth and organized in this hectic world, especially if we are neurodivergent in some way (ADHD, Autism, etc.) or even if we just suspect we are. And, regardless, it’s too much to go at alone. Here we will share tips, tricks, strategies, ideas, resources, and more and we support one another in getting life more on track for our sanity! 2nd Tuesday of each month 7 - 8 pm ET
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Emotional Labor. Friendships. Mental Load. Pay disparity. Family. Glass ceilings. The patriarchy. Relationships. Fulfillment. Perimenopause/Menopause. Decision making. Sexuality. Gender Gap. Aging. Stability. Reproductive freedoms. Life is challenging and women especially face unique challenges. We will hold space for one another and learn and grow together.
*Please join us if you identify as a woman, non-binary, or femme in any way that is important to you 3rd Wednesday of each month 7 - 8 pm ET

Inner Child Experiencing trauma from various situations, including growing up with self-absorbed, abusive, or neglectful parents, can have a lifelong, negative effect on us, and affect us well into adulthood. In truth, very few emerge from childhood unscathed, because life is hard! This monthly cloup is one of healing and getting in touch with who we are at our core. Inner child work is about emotionally-safe relationships, compassion for all parts of a person, gentle love towards and fun with our inner child, consent, boundaries, grieving what we needed but didn’t have, honoring our feelings, intergenerational trauma, attachment, trauma bonds, and breaking unhealthy cycles. Spend time with others who get it (which is a big deal!) as we help heal our inner child through a variety of fun, engaging, introspective activities that help us hold and create space for joy, safety, kindness, growth, and love for our authentic self.

3rd Tuesday of each month 7 - 8 pm ET

Book Club

Are you always wanting to read those books on mental health, boundaries, trauma, and other topics, but instead they sit in a pile? Or perhaps you do read them but find yourself wishing you could discuss them with others? This monthly book club will help with all of that, as you build community with emotionally-safe people who are also doing this work alongside you. Join us whether you've read the book or not! 1st Tuesday of each month 7 - 8 pm ET
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Productivity and Accountability

(Co-Work Sessions)
If you struggle to get things done, whether it’s making a phone call, developing a home management plan, cleaning out the garage, or any other task that’s been hanging over your head, this cloup is the perfect way to tackle all that with warmth, accountability, and support. We will have co-work sessions where we help one another get stuff done! Weekly Tuesdays 10 am - 12 pm ET

Doom Box Days

Join us weekly in a space that is fun, engaging, emotionally-safe, free from judgment, wholly supportive, and mindful of the way our different brains work! The feedback has been unanimously positive that these shadow partnering/body doubling sessions specifically dedicated to cleaning out/organizing/purging have been game changers. We’re all finally getting to things we’d only thought or talked about doing before. Now, it’s actually happening! And the best part? We get to learn about ourselves and what works for us as we process this work with others and cheer each other on. Those closets? Drawers? Basements? Garages? Projects you’ve been meaning to tackle? This is where we do it together! Weekly Sundays 11 am - 1 pm ET

Social Night

Social time, games, movies, power point “parties” (We’re nerds!), coffee hour, happy hour . . . basically, come hang out and have fun with us every quarter in the most laid-back of all cloups. Play, fun, and laughter are essential to our well-being, and here we will enjoy all of that as we build emotionally-safe community together. 4th Friday of January, April, July, & October 7 pm ET

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