Healing from Your Toxic Childhood


For anyone who is still struggling and recovering from a difficult childhood - you are not alone!  Looking for a free, safe, & confidential space process? Contact us for more information!

Sundays - $30/session  or $75 for the whole month!

2nd, 3rd, & 4th Sunday of each month

8 to 9:30 pm EST on Zoom


Did you grow up with abusive toxic, narcissistic, or dismissive parents? Are you dealing with the after effects of that in your adult life? You are not alone and we can help. Led by a therapist-teacher team in a warm, welcoming environment, you will learn, connect with others, and heal your inner child each week. We will discuss why these difficult emotions and struggles hang on so long and what we can do to have more peace in our lives. We will hold space and share community with others who get it. In our safe, friendly, and confidential space, we will provide an opportunity for cloup members to learn, engage, and connect, because as humans, we heal in community. Each week, we will share specific strategies, tools, resources, and ideas to help you navigate this rough terrain. We wrap up each session with a “healing your inner child” exercise,” and we also provide an ongoing space of virtual community for cloup members to be able to continue to share with one another between when and after we meet. 

Topics Include (but are not limited to):

Breaking Unhealthy Cycles

Filling the Void/Inner Mother (or Parent)

Internal Family Systems


What About My Other Parent?

Grandparent Dynamic

Pop Culture Parents
Trauma and Body Tension 

Sibling Dynamics: Golden Child/Scapegoat/Other
Triggers & Memory

Covert and Overt Narcissists

Big Life Events

Complicated Grief When They Die

Estrangement and Society’s Judgement

Navigating Friendships

Jealousy of Others with Healthy Parents 


Romantic Relationships

Holidays, Birthdays, and Events

Worst Things They’ve Ever Said or Done
Grey Rock and How to Handle Interactions with Them
Codependent No More - Melody Beattie

What to Do with Self-Blame

Will I Ever Be Good Enough - Dr. Karyl McBride 

How to Handle Constant Negativity 

Controlling or Neglectful? (The Challenges of Each)
Lousy Apologies and Non-Apologies

Trauma, Resilience, and Neuroplasticity

DARVO - What It Is and How to Recognize It

Self Talk, Compliments, and Handling Criticism

Cognitive Dissonance

Flying monkeys and How to Deal with Them

What Creates a Narcissist

How to Handle People-Pleasing Tendencies

Protecting your Peace
Self Love
Recognizing and Navigating Passive-Aggressive Tactics

The Silent Treatment - Why it Hurts and What will Help

Trauma Bonds

A-ha Moments

What happened to you?

Ending the Stigma Surrounding Family Estrangement

Vulnerability and Authenticity

Engulfing Parents/Neglectful Parents

Marrying into a Family with Narcissism 

Ways Trauma Affects Jobs and Professional Relationships

Hoarding and Other Challenges

Mindfulness and Fostering Peace

Practicing the Pause 

Elusive Self Esteem

Preparing for Situations that Break the “No Contact” Rule

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