Therapy 101 Cloup

Therapy 101 - “What are some tips and strategies to help me or someone I love with anxiety, stress, and/or depression?”

For anyone who could use a little more help and support in addition to their therapy or while they are waiting to get in to a therapist...

6 sessions - $180

We will learn about and discuss trauma-informed, evidence-based strategies for managing mental health. In a safe, warm, friendly environment that is also confidential, we will provide an opportunity for cloup members to learn, engage, and connect with others - you are not alone! Each week, we will discuss strategies, tools, resources, and ideas to help you fill your mental health toolkit. We look forward to helping you!  

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Week 1: Introductions & Setting the Tone 

Trauma, ACE scores, resilience, and how to break unhealthy cycles
Avoiding the “trauma olympics” 
        What is the “Trauma Dance” and how do we navigate it?
The dressing room metaphor and tools to help

Week 2: Anxiety/Depression

Our reactions to triggers: Fight/flight/freeze/fawn

What is toxic positivity and why is it so damaging?
Happiness Chemicals: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins

Natural ways to increase your neurotransmitters

How to ensure a healthy support system

Some tips and gentle reminders for managing anxiety

Week 3: Compassion Fatigue 

Overextending due to stress, lack of support, poor boundaries, etc.
What is emotional labor and why is it so important? What is compassion fatigue?
How do I learn to listen to my gut and form healthy boundaries? What can I do to better take care of myself?   

Week 4: Healthy Habits

Making a mental health safety plan

The effects of sleep, diet, and movement

What are specific things you can incorporate daily for yourself?

What does it mean to be emotionally safe?
Building a safe and secure support network Apps and resources to help

Shame and stigma have no place here

Week 5: Relationships and Friendships

Signs of healthy relationships
Different types of relationships
Navigating the “trauma dance”

Week 6: Moving Forward

The link between childhood trauma and self esteem
Recognizing signs of abuse
The role of therapy in healing trauma
What kind of therapy is right for me?
Strategies for increased self esteem

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