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Gentle Parenting 101 - “I don’t want to spank. I don’t want to yell. So what do I DO??”

For parents of kids of all ages - babies, young children, tweens, and teens 8 weeks - $240

Sometimes we hear a lot about what not to do, but not a lot about what TO do. And it's hard to find the time to read all those parenting books while also raising kids! This class will cover tips and strategies for raising great kids in a peaceful and gentle manner. We'll discuss approaches that compassionately break generational cycles.

Week 1: Introductions & Setting the Tone 

How our “stuff” plays a part in how we parent and setting the stage for success

Trauma, ACE scores, resilience, and how to break unhealthy cycles
Avoiding the “Trauma Olympics” 

        What is the “Trauma Dance” and how do we navigate         The importance of connection and some tools to help you

Week 2: Ages, Stages, and Brain Development

10 common, lousy parenting pieces of advice to ditch (and what to do instead)
What to expect at all stages and how to best navigate them

Avoiding power struggles and enjoying your child more

The dot & circle metaphor, the feelings wheel, and the dangers of toxic positivity 

Tools and strategies that invite more peace to your home

Week 3: Choice, Autonomy, & Privacy

Why rules don’t always work and what to do instead

Their voices matter - how to show it through choice and autonomy

The power of boundaries and respecting privacy 

Some surprising parenting advice that is a total game changer

Week 4: Knowing and Honoring Your Kid(s)

How to value and honor who your child is

The value of a growth mindset approach

Why quitting can be a really good thing

Why rewards/punishments don’t work and what to do instead

How to harness the power of Love Languages with your children

Tools, charts, and apps to help strengthen your relationship with your child

Week 5: Communication, Boundaries, and Mutual Respect 

How to best communicate with your child

How to avoid sibling rivalry

What we think about “talking back” and “united fronts” (Hint: It’s not what you think!)

More strategies for connection and the value of mutual respect and boundaries

How to keep your child safe from predators 

Different kinds of parent-child relationships and which one actually works

Why obedience is problematic and what to do instead

Week 6: Screen Time Considerations

How to truly end screen time battles

The 4 foundational steps to keeping your kid safe and happy online

Tips to ensure balance 

What about monitoring apps?

5 tips that are absolute game changers when it comes to screen time

The signs of health screen use

The one and only “rule” you really need to know

Week 7: Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll

7 guiding principles for talking to your kids about these issues

How and when to prepare your child for puberty

How to have these talks with kids and teens

Tips and tricks to make it easy and comfortable to discuss these topics

The books and websites we highly recommend for different ages

Things to consider about porn, alcohol, and drugs

Week 8: Fun Ideas and Traditions

Truly instilling joy in your parenting

Tons of tips on connecting with your kids individually

Fun ways to connect as a family

Really special ideas for birthdays, routines, special occasions, and holidays

Meaningful relationships and what it means to hold space 

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