About Our Homeschool Services


New to homeschooling (or cyber or district virtual) and overwhelmed by all the curriculum choices, options, and resources out there as well as the laws surrounding it all? We're here to help with homeschool coaching services and support!

With 30 years of experience between us, our teacher-therapist team will meet with you virtually, get to know your family's needs and preferences as well as your children's learning styles, and we will put together a plan for you - curriculum, suggestions about routine, fun ideas, traditions, and online as well as hands-on resources.

Cardigan Academy began as a way to offer homeschool services to families who were new to home education. While it has grown to now encompass all things education, mental health, and parenting, our heart will always be in homeschooling! We've both always homeschooled our own kids.

We absolutely LOVE what we do. We have a wealth of knowledge about home education, and our coaching goes beyond that to family life, schedules, work-life balance, tips and tricks, parenting, mental health, and more. We help you with empathy, skills, and a healthy dose of humor.

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